Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Game available today!

The Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan game is now available in retail stores and on Nintendo eShop!  What’s better than a copy of the game? Free QR Codes!  Use the 3DS scanner function on your Nintendo 3DS system to access these gifts.  Good luck in the labyrinth!

Helpful Letter 

Yggdroid Doll

The loud croaking frogs quest

The peacock mourns quest

Moth to the flame quest


  1. are these items just to sell for money or is there some other function i do not know about?


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  3. What level do you have to be to start the quests? I'm already in the 40s and I can't do the last two

  4. I believe you can start the quest for "The Peacock Mourns" when you discover the Golden Deer Keep. I don't know if it's level based to start it after that since it says "recommended level 44". I wouldn't be able to confirm that since I'm in levels 60-63 lol but I still can't access the last quest so I'm guessing you have to find the location to unlock it, like as all the other quests in-game that unlock when new areas or floors are found. Hope that helps and good luck in game cause this game is crazy haha I'll see when "Moth to the Flame" is accessible for me :)

  5. For anyone curious (or annoyed enough lol) in trying to figure out when the "Moth to the Flame" QR Quest can be started. It's not until reaching floor B3F in the Hall of Darkness (Recommended level: 79). I just got to it, so good luck to anyone and good hunting lol :P

  6. Am in the hall of darkness. it seems i can find the other three colors I got red, blue and white. also how do i level over 70?

    1. To get over level 70 you need to kill at least one of the 3 elemental dragons. For every dragon you kill you get a 10 level cap upgrade (well excluding the last dragon you kill which raises your cap by 9). The max level is 99. :)

    2. did you ever open that door in the sacrate woods. there two door that can't be open in the game the first one was for the hall of darkness. what the second door for

    3. The locked door in the Moth Garden? I have, if that's the one you meant.
      You have to do 2 other quests if I remember correctly before gaining access to it. Don't remember which ones though, don't even remember if it's before or after killing the dragons.

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